The essays of Lost Wax are a journey in their own right… Parms puts down a memory, then a metaphor, then a realization—all of it circling toward the summit, all the while acutely aware of the richness of colors and feeling.—Brevity. Read the full review.

Lost Wax shows us Parms’ hard-won understanding that, at times, something beautiful must be forsaken for something even more beautiful.—Seven Days. Read the full review.

As an artist and a person, what Parms desires most of all is ‘to soak everything in,’ and as she does so, we find her to be a perceptive, unsettling, and surprisingly endearing guide.—Kirkus Reviews. Read the full review.

Parms’s prose is as elegant and studied as the classical sculpture she admires, making wonderful leaps and astonishing juxtapositions through which her precise, startling images emerge like etchings on glass.—Publishers Weekly. Read the full review.


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